Monday, February 9, 2015

Grammys (Voting)

    Last night, the 57th Grammys broadcasted on TV. The Grammys is the premier music showcase to recognize outstanding achievement in the music recording industry. The program is setup by NARAS (National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences). Many awards, and nominations are given.

    The main difference between Grammys and other music related awards shows are the voters. Most award shows are based on viewer-votes, while the Grammy are based on (professional votes). This concept is a little confusing but can be cleared with this analogy. A "popular" song is not always a "good" song. This distinction prevents one-hit wonders from outshining those with longevity.

   Judging criteria for the Grammys include music sales, Billboard charts, and airplay. This is a handicap for many artists and songwriters today. Music is shared freely across the internet. Instead of purchasing an album, consumers illegally download then share a song. That not only steals money from those in the business but it also damages their credibility in marking tallies.

   If you want your favorite artist, producer or other contributor to win a Grammy, please do the following.
  • Purchase their music through verified and legal channels.
  • Stop downloading material.
  • Join NARAS

Friday, December 19, 2014

Schoolhouse Rock

This is an old classic, literally. Many of us may recognize these tunes. Conjunction Junction, I'm Just a Bill, Three is a Magic Number, and Mother Necessity. These and many others are a part of the collect known as Schoolhouse Rock.

The idea came when David McCall, found out that his children had troubles with their multiplication tables but they memorized entire albums of rock bands like the Rolling Stones. He decided to use music as a teaching tool. It was an instant success, when pitched to ABC's children division for animation. The original run was 12 years starting in 1970's and renewed are few times. The last renewal was in 2009.

There are 6 seasons with each focusing on a different subject. Multiplication, grammar, science, America, money and finally Earth were created. (A short 4-part mini-series on computers was created, but technology advances made it past obsolete.) These short animations and videos were in the classroom setting. The video "Telegraph Line" was even show to medical college students, because the reference of telegraphs to the nervous system was powerful and clear.

Music and lyrics for the entire "Multiplication Rock" album was by Bob Dorough. He also the main vocal for most of it, too. The second album, "Grammar Rock" Lynn Ahrens made his Schoolhouse Rock debut. About 46 of the 64 episodes were created to the work of these men. The genre of music used included: rock, jazz, blues, and ballad. Each song was unique in content and music.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

OK GO: music video phenomenon

OK GO is a rock band of alternative music. They are famously known for their innovative and creative music videos. The band consists of the following four members: Damian Kulash, Tim Norwind, Dan Konopka, and Andy Ross (replaced Andy Duncan). Their band has reach world-wide fame and YouTube legacy.

Their first major claim to fame started with "Here It Goes Again". This music video is a single continuous take. The band preforms elaborate dancing on treadmills. The video received over 100 millions views on YouTube, premiered on VH1's Top 20 Countdown and was preformed live at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards. The video has been parodied in pop culture cartoons. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, The Simpsons and Fairly Oddparents have done their own impressions of the video.

In recent years, OK GO has done a music to promote the Muppets return to the big screen. The band recreated the show's theme song. In the video, the two groups do a mash-up involving their icon appearances. The characters go wild with an explosion of gags and laughs. One notable part is when the band becomes a bunch of puppets, and the Muppets take control. The video ends with members of each group waking up for a dream. The whole thing seems to be a nightmare and they become fearful of the collaboration.

Most of OK GO's videos are stylized with visuals. Stop-motion, single takes, and guess appearances are just some of the techniques used. The group preformed with the marching band from the University of Notre Dame. They drove a car through a music machine. OK Go built a massive Rube Goldberg Machine. They only common factor in all of the videos is that no animation or computer graphics were used and all of it was live-action.

I personally recommend this group. Even if you don't enjoy their music, their music videos with keep you interested and entertained.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Childhood Influnces

Lets talk about me.

My fascination with music dates back to my early childhood. Songs on the radio, cassette and CD players in my room, and themes from movies and TV. These sources were the first recollections I have. I would dance and sing my heart out. I realized my love for music at and early time (however, I didn't realize I was tone-deaf until later).

Playhouse Disney, Nick Jr., and Saturday morning cartoons fill my head with imagination, melodies and beats. Their shows made me wiggle and laugh. I was entranced by their spell, and nothing would wake me up. I knew every word, rhythm and tune and I could sing along side in tempo.

When the shows went off, I was left my small collection of cassettes, CDs, and VHS movies. Most of my stuff had kiddie songs or programming. Some examples include Old McDonald, Wheels on the Bus, and This Old Man. I would re-watch Disney VHS tapes hundreds of times. My favorites included Mulan, Lion King and An Extreme Goofy Movie.

My family went to church all the time, even if I was unwilling at first. As a child my attention span would only last until the end of praise and worship. Hearing the choir, and band set off an explosion in me. People would sing and clap in joy, while I tapped on the pews along with the drummer. The best part of church was Sunday school, because it was the only time I could stay awake. We you learn praise songs and I would still be singing on the ride home.

That is how I started my involvement in music as a child. It grew from those things and helped to transform me into the musician that I am today. Those experiences still affect my tastes creativity in the present time.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014



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